Leave the dance floor feeling great.


Join our Steps family and be part of Toronto's most vibrant and welcoming dance community.

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Working from a comprehensive dance syllabus designed by Jennifer Aucoin and refined by 20 years of teaching experience, our professionally trained instructors are patient, dedicated and passionate about their craft. We offer a complete curriculum of Salsa, Bachata, Hustle and Latin Dance for all skill levels.


Start any time.

Our program is designed to allow students to begin anytime! Start any week, even absolute beginners. 

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Come whenever you'd like.

Come as often as your schedule allows. We have classes every night and on weekends, and most levels are offered twice a week or more.

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Dance more — spend less.

Our monthly memberships let you take any or all classes at your level and below for one low price. More than 40 classes a week to choose from! New students can try a one-month membership for just $50.

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Absolute Beginners

Yes — never-even-tried-it beginners. We're proud of our warm & friendly atmosphere — and we love welcoming people who are brand new to it all.

Recreational Dancers

Our progressive syllabus from Absolute Beginner to Advanced levels, will teach you the technique, the moves, the rhythm and the leading & following skills to look and feel great on the dance floor.

Aspiring Performers

Is there an inner performer in you dying to get out? Step it up a notch and join one of our student performance classes. Learn a whole routine, polish it, practice it and then perform at a party, nightclub or dance event. 

Future Competitors

Benefit from one of Canada's most accomplished team of instructors—themselves former or current competitors—led by Jennifer Aucoin. Jennifer has represented Canada on the judging panel of dozens of international level competitions in Canada, the United States and South America, and can teach you what the judges are looking for.


Absolute Beginner?

As in... never-even-tried-it-before beginner? You're in the right place. We're proud of our warm & friendly atmosphere — and we love welcoming people who are brand new to it all. New students can start any time — our syllabus is designed to allow people to begin any week. No partner and no experience necessary.

Try the Absolute Beginners Package

Take as many introductory level classes as you want for one full month for only $50! Start anytime — our syllabus is designed to allow people to begin any week and your package is good for 30 days. We have 10+ intro level classes every week. Come to the ones that suit your schedule. Claim the New Student 1-Month Promo →

Take a FREE trial class

We offer all new students one FREE trial class. Meet the teachers, see the studio and try a Level 1 Salsa or Level 1 Bachata lesson before committing to signing up. Don’t worry: the class is geared to people with no prior dance or Salsa experience. No partner necessary — everyone rotates throughout the class. 



Already taken Salsa lessons before?

Not sure which Steps class or level is best for you? We can help place you in the right class and get you started immediately! Our syllabus is designed so that students can begin any time. New to our studio? Take advantage of our New Student Promo of 1-month of unlimited classes for only $50! Take as many classes as you'd like at your level and below. 10 to 44 classes a week to choose from!

Book a free assessment

Book a free 5-10 minute level assessment with one of our professionally trained instructors. They'll dance with you and let you know what level you should be in. New students with dance experience who do not want to begin with Level 1 MUST book an assessment before starting classes. Book an assessment online here, call 416-656-STEP (7837), or email info@stepsdancestudio.com.

Book a private lesson

Book a private lesson with one of our professionally trained instructors. Improve your technique, identify areas for improvement and find out which group class/level is best for you. Your private class moves at your pace, is tailored to you and your goals and booked at a time that works with your schedule. Call 416-656-STEP (7837).